The top and most addictive games for your mobile to play when you are bored.

There are thousands if not millions of games out there but for some reason it seems to be a small few that get our attention and keep us coming back for more and more. We have compiled a list of the most addictive and fun games to play.

My Talking Tom

Talking Tom is one of the most popular games of all time when it comes to apps. It is played by millions around the world who love to help Tom do his things. To play is very simple and the game is designed specifically for kids. You take Tom as a kitten and then overtime you dress him up the way you like, feed him, decorate his hoe and travel the world to meet other Toms. There is a reason it is the #1 game app in over 135 countries. Kids love it.


How can anyone get tired of this absolute classic which has been played since the 1980’s across the entire globe, it really is quite impressive. I am going to explain how Pac-Man works but it is probably pointless as so many people know how to play one of the most popular games of all time.


Flappy Bird and variations of the game have been around for ages but the game and the developer have an interesting story. A vietnamese guy named Nguyễn Hà Đông and because the game was so popular he became super stressed and took the game off the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Candy Crush Saga

Angry Birds

Doodle Jump