Top 5 games for your mobile

So the past year was super busy and for good reason; a lot of good games have been made for both the iOS and Android platforms and some games that have come out have been amazing. Here we go through 5 of the very best that we think deserve to be mentioned here.

Super Mario Run
This is really quite rare from Nintendo. Usually don’t launch games on other hardware but Super Mario Run is one of their games that breaks this rule. The aim of the game is simple. Mario is constantly running and you cannot stop him unlike previous versions where you had full control on the direction of the charachter. Your job is to jump, duck and collect coins as you progress through the levels. The game is free however with options to upgrade to more levels and versions.
Rockstar Games, the original maker of the GTA series have a habit of coming up with controversial games and Bully is no exception. You are a 15 year old schoolboy bully named Jimmy Hopkins and your job is to make it to the top of the heirachy doing whatever possible to get to you. You standup to other bullies, attacked by other teachers, playing pranks and trying to get a girl. Hated by parents, teachers and anti-bullying campaigners, Bully is a hard game to accept as socially appropriate. That being said the gameplay and ideas are exceptional.

Rome Total War
With strategy games, Rome: Total War is arguably the undisputed King of the series and now it is available for iPad and looks very impressive. Control your empire including your army, politicians and much more using tactics such as diplomacy, subterfuge and assassination to conquer and get the ultimate victory. With a 3D game on the iPad, it has to be said that this is pretty cool. The game costs $9.99 and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Pokemon Go
It was damn near impossible to go through the last year without hearing someone, somewhere talking about Pokemon Go. Released around summertime, it was an instant hit and became the fastest growing app of all time. A huge success is an understatement, this was an astronomical success. The game takes on a new style called augmented reality which is where virtual reality is morphed onto the real world. Players are pokemon trainers and have to find Pokemon across public landmarks such as parks, beaches or streets. The more you play, the the more complete of a trainer you become. Free to play and over 500 million downloads. People loved it.

War Tortoise
A quite wacky and crazy idea that has been pulled of spectacularly. The name of the game is War Tortoise and your job is to defend your stationary armoured tortoise against other smaller animals such as rats, beetles and more. You have a wide range of weapons to do this with including air support, troops and cool weaponry. It is the type of amazing game we have come to expect from Foursaken Media.

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