The 6 most WTF Pokemon Go moments so far

1) Someone found a dead body in a river because of playing.

That’s right! While playing the game and trying to find some Pokemon, Shayla Wiggins from Wyonming in the United States find a man’s corpse in a river. Fortunately, the police who arrived on the scene said that there was no foul in play, and most likely an accident.

2) Police stopped suspected armed robbers using Pokemon Go to catch their prey.

Police have thankfully caught a group of those suspected of armed robbery who used the app to lure victims to a secluded spot in Missouri, United States. They would lure players by making their location a beacon and then once users would arrive, would rob them. A handgun was recovered at the scene.

3) Pokemon Go got a lucky guy a date.

A lucky male user on Reddit posted his Pokemon Go Story about how he was able to meet another player using the game and get her number and ask her out for a date. Well they are going to know exactly what to talk about when they next meet.

Pokemon Go got me a date. from pokemon

4) Pokemon Go is already the Fastest growing App in the App Store to get to number 1.

In terms of Revenue, Pokemon Go is the fastest game to reach the top spot of number 1 in the App Store. Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, Battle Royale? Forget it, they were no match for Pokemon Go which shot to the top of the charts.

5) Nintendo’s stock price has increased an incredible 25% since the launch of the app.

The Pokemon franchise continues to do wonders for Nintendo many years after the launch of the game. Pokemon Go is certainly no exception. The stock price of Nintendo has absolutely jumped and seen a 25% increase in value. A pretty good effort for a company that many thought was on the decline. This has added $7.5 billion to the company’s market value.

6) “I was just playing Pokemon Go, Honest!” – A burglar tells court.

A man from Waterford who was caught trying to steal a Plasma TV from a house has claimed that he was just playing Pokemon Go at the time and that he had mistaken the electrical applicance for a “JigglyPuff…” This story however smells of a hoax.