This site gives you real time statistics on Youtube and Apple. These stats are crazy

The internet is being used on a vast global scale and nothing sums that up more than statistics from two major Internet companies. A website has compiled statistics and data from Youtube and Apple and put it into a real stats per second view of just how many users are using their services or purchasing their products. The results are startling.

A few things we learn….

  1. Apple make more in seconds than we earn per year.
  2. An apple watch is sold every 5 minutes.
  3. More than 1 iPad is sold per second.
  4. A lot of people watch a lot of videos on Youtube. I mean ALOT!
  5. The cost of Youtube is more than the ad revenue it brings in.


Where the site gets its data from is unknown. Rather than actual accurate real-time statistics its probably worked out on averages. So if Apple brings in xxx revnue per year, divide said number by 365 and you have somewhat of an idea.

To visit the site, check out Every Second here.