Meet Geozilla, the app to keep you in touch with loved ones around you.

When people discuss online apps and social networks there is always a lot of concern regarding privacy issues and just how much data we are putting online. GeoZilla, a new app, hopes to put some of that tracking and data to good and ethical use. An app you can use to track family and friends to make sure they are safe, where they should be and see where they have been during the day.

As someone who writes a lot about apps, this could be incredibly useful for parents of children of a young age. The ability to track and check your children are in good hands in always comforting and this app brings this feature to the forefront. Aside from safety advantages to Geozilla there are also many other things that can be done. There is for example a feature known as “geofencing”. By setting this up, you are able to see when your loved ones enter or leave a place. For Parents, this can be great to know your children have left school, or if your partner has left work so you can start preparing food for them to be warm when they return home. It is like a kind of social network built for families to communicate and keep in touch with each other.

The app comes with a premium section that families can use which include unlimited geofencing areas, an unlimited number of contacts an a complete location history.

One can’t help think that people will use this app to track partners who have been doing things they shouldn’t have been doing. But is a nice idea and we hope it takes off.

GeoZilla can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.