A taxi app to take you to local restaurants for free.

“HUNGRY? WE’LL PICK YOU UP.” The catchline of a pretty cool idea from the world of startups and something that could easily give Uber a run for it’s money. Welcome to Hey Ride, a new app which offers free and discounted rides to local restaurants.

It’s quite simple. As a user you download and signup to the app, you browse nearby restaurants and then let the app know you want to go there. A taxi (free or discounted, depending on the location) will pick you up and drop you off at said restaurant. The idea, presumably, is that you eat at said restaurant and to thank the app for it’s new customers the restaurant pays the app a fee. With taxis being one of the most expensive parts of going out for the night, this could be a really cool reason for people to start eating out more. For the restaurants it’s perfect, they get new customers delivered to their without having to do little work.

Here is a video from the app developers explaining how it works:

The developers describe it as Free Shipping 2.0. With Free Shipping 1.0 being when you buy something online and the merchant ships it to you for free, free shipping 2.0 is when you yourself are delivered somewhere free of charge to somewhere you are going to spend money. It will certainly be interesting as to what the folks over at Uber feel. This could well be a direct threat to their business model.

Currently the app is only operating in Berlin and on the iOs platform but we expect, due to its popularity, it will spread fast. Download it here.