5 reasons why I will always love Age of Empires II forever.

Most games released in 1997 have long been forgotten. They sit in the attics of houses across the world picking up dust with the Christmas decorations or with the old SNES and Street Fighter 2. Age of Empires II seems like a timeless classic. Still being played my a group of hardcore dedicated fans and still having expansions released, an incredible 16 years after it was released. So here are the reasons why I will love this game forever.

1. Not only are sheep a source of food, they also are your trusty scouts.

I’m not artistically talented but I made an AoE2 comic anyway. from aoe2

2. Because after 16 incredible long years they are still making expansions.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.05.17

Via Twitter / slyellow2

3. And hosting tournaments.

4. In what other games do you see 50 men being by killed by an Onagar shot? Shot @ 39:18

5. Because even though sometimes the logic of the game totally doesn’t make sense, you still love it.