5 Coolest apps/products of 2016

2016 has been a busy year in the world of tech and some cool stuff has come out across the world. Here are 5 of the best products that we think are the coolest and most cutting edge.

Instagram Live Video
Instagram has been absolutely booming the past couple of years with millions and millions of people using the app. Now they are going for live video where individual users can broadcast live from their phones to millions of viewers around the world. While watching, the audience are able to interact with the broadcaster and talk to them. This is the future so get used to it.

Spectacles by Snapchat
Snapchat is one of the coolest apps and has been for a few years now. So when they announced they were releasing Spectacles it became pretty big news. Spectacles are glasses you were but have a camera on the front so you can easily record moments from your glasses and send them as snaps. Now they are not the first to experiment with this. Google launched Google Glass a few years back but many users complained that they were too complicated and too intrusive. It seems Snapchat have taken a different approach and are keeping it strictly simple.

If you happened to start seeing a lot of artwork on your social media feeds then it was no coincidence. People had been converting their photos into artwork, not by skill but by using an app called Prisma which manipulates peoples photos and applies amazing artwork on the top of them. You download the app, add your image, apply which filter you want then you upload and share wth your friends. A huge success and used by millions around the world.

Who doesn’t love Reddit? One of the most popular sites on the web with some of the best discussions around. Well for ages users had been complaining that the site wasn’t user friendly when using on a mobile device. Those behind the site finally after many belated years released an iOS and Android app so users could use Reddit while on the move. Fantastic app and one many users have downloaded and use everyday.

Motiv Ring
We are seeing more and more wearable tech being integrated with apps and MOTIV is a very compact ring you wear on your finger which gives you important data about yourself including activity, heart rate and sleep. With this information you can then find out where you need to improve in your health and fitness and adjust accordingly. When the product was first released, many users were amazed at how something so small could be so powerful. Expect more tech wearables in the future.